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Air Sex is a night of insanely fun, sex-positive, body-positive, queer-positive, and oddly uplifting mixture of comedy and honest sexual expression. It never delivers the same show twice, and it’s always an unforgettable experience that leaves the audience, performers, and judges talking for a long time after the curtain falls. It’s a one-of-a-kind, rowdy celebration of sex as the most ridiculous and important activity that humans engage in on a daily basis.

As an Air Sex sponsor, your brand will receive tons of media attention and exposure to throngs of rabid screaming Air Sex fans. It’s a direct correlation between product/brand and an audience that will find that product/brand relevant to their lives.

As an official sponsor, we’d love to weave your brand and message seamlessly into the show as we travel across America (and one day, the world).

What is Air Sex?

The Air Sex Championships is an event that routinely sells out shows all over the country. It’s a comedy show that appeals to the voyeur in all of us. It’s a competition where the audience is invested in the outcome. It’s a safe, respectful, and thought-provoking show about how awesome sex is.


The show itself is simple – roughly a dozen competitors pretend to make love onstage with a partner who isn’t there while a panel of comedians/sex experts/celebrities judge their performances. No nudity, no physical contact with another person onstage.

A non-traditional concept for any live-performance or music venue, the Air Sex World Championships quickly became one of the hottest tickets in whatever town it rolled through.

People of all ages (over 18 of course), genders, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations signed up, cobbled together embarrassing or hilarious routines, and people’s minds were blown.

As the brand built and spread, more and more fans started taking the competition seriously, crafting elaborate costumes and choreographed routines – some are silly and bizarre and others feel like you’re watching an extremely intimate, private moment that you shouldn’t be seeing. Yet, because anyone can compete (karaoke-style), sometimes a drunk, rowdy onlooker hops up onstage and blows all of the well-practiced competition out of the water. And that’s what makes Air Sex so fun, enigmatic, and unpredictable.


Air Sex Championships (MTV series, air date pending)
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Love & Air Sex (Tribeca Films)
America’s Got Talent
Real Time With Bill Maher
The Bad Girls Club


GQ Magazine (cover story)
New York Press
LAD Bible
Time Out New York (cover story)
Time Out Chicago
Huffington Post
The Daily Star
Playboy Radio


Fantasy Fest in Key West
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Paris Humor Festival
Richmond Tattoo Convention
FunFunFun Fest
Moontower Comedy Fest
Perth Sexpo
Adult Video Network Awards
Sound on Sound Fest
Scruffy City Comedy Fest
Pemberton Music Fest
Green Gravel Fest
Buku Fest
Fantastic Fest


Amy Heckerling
cast of The Bad Girls Club
David Arquette
Jon Gabrus
Rachel Feinstein
David Liebe-Hart
Christian Finnegan
Moshe Kasher
Chris Gethard
Colt Cabana
Brodus Clay
Lisa Ann
Kleio Valentein

Who competes in Air Sex?
Comedians with well-choreographed routines, burlesque performers looking for a new outlet, horny moms & drunk dads, former porn stars, random office workers being egged on by their friends, tatted-up bikers, goofy nerds, soon-to-be porn stars…basically anybody and everyone, teens, adults, and senior citizens.

Who watches Air Sex?
Air Sex fanatics are males and females in the 18-44 range looking for a unique night of comedy, partying, and sexual revelry.

Ready to brainstorm ideas? We’d love to hear them and collaborate on something wonderful. We want to meet your brand’s needs and can customize any element of the experience to suit your goals. Let’s talk!

Your brand will be included in all outbound materials related to Air Sex, including, but not limited to: official website, viral videos, social networking, and PR campaigns. All shows will contain many “sponsored by” live announcements.

Air Sex is hosted by Chris Trew

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