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What is Air Sex?

The Air Sex Championships is an event that routinely sells out shows all over the country. It’s a comedy show that appeals to the voyeur in all of us. It’s a competition where the audience is invested in the outcome. It’s a safe, respectful, and thought-provoking show about how awesome sex is.

The show itself is simple – roughly a dozen competitors pretend to make love onstage with a partner who isn’t there while a panel of comedians/sex experts/celebrities judge their performances. The judges choose three people (sometimes four in the case of a tie) to move on to the final round. Then all three must perform to mystery songs and a winner is chosen by the audience’s cheers.

No nudity, no physical contact with another person onstage. A non-traditional concept for any live-performance or music venue, the Air Sex World Championships quickly became one of the hottest tickets in whatever town it rolled through. People of all ages (over 18 of course), genders, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations signed up, cobbled together embarrassing or hilarious routines, and people’s minds were blown. As the brand built and spread, more and more fans started taking the competition seriously, crafting elaborate costumes and choreographed routines – some are silly and bizarre and others feel like you’re watching an extremely intimate, private moment that you shouldn’t be seeing.

Yet, because anyone can compete (karaoke-style), sometimes a drunk, rowdy onlooker hops up onstage and blows all of the well-practiced competition out of the water. And that’s what makes Air Sex so fun, enigmatic, and unpredictable.

The Facts About Air Sex

A mixture of comedy, sexual expression, and talent show, Air Sex gains in popularity year after year. A concept that’s easily described with a few words, it’s received tremendous word of mouth and press coverage.