🚨 Air Sex TV & Film Projects 🚨

Air Sex is the most sex positive, consistently touring comedy show on the planet. From 2009 to 2017 we produced about 15 events a year. Since 2018 Air Sex has doubled its live show calendar, adding annual flagship events at Fantasy Fest in Key West and the Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

Due to popular demand, the Air Sex Championships Tour is putting together a team to create a masterpiece video project documenting the sexual sporting spectacle.

Think Dave Chappelle’s Block Party crossed with Air Guitar Nation. The pomp and circumstance of Wrestlemania with the grit of Vice.

Wanna be part of the action? We’re making sultry eye contact with our 2022 tour and putting the team together now. Fill out this form if you’d like to be involved and we’ll keep you informed:

Anne Hoskins

Air Sex is hosted by stand-up comedian Chris Trew.

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